The festival that’s outstanding in its field …
10 Jul 2018

Cookies and Cupcakes are GO at the Durrow Scarecrow Festival!

The Cookie and Cupcake Workshop is with us on Sunday 29th July, Monday 30th July, Tuesday 31st July and Saturday 4th August – this is a fantastic walk-in workshop where you can decorate your own Cookie or Cupcake.

The Cookie and Cupcake Workshop is brought to you by Baked By Liz, a home bakery that creates custom cakes to order. They make cakes and cupcakes for Birthdays, Christenings, Communions, Confirmations, etc. and will add an extra element to all the goings on at The Scarecrow Village – promises to be great.

In the meantime have a look at Baked By Liz on her Facebook page.

30 Jun 2018

Things are getting Clayotic in Durrow!

The brilliantly named Clayotic are with us for the full nine days, situated in The Scarecrow Village. They will add a fun dimension to the Scarecrow Village when they bring their fantastic workshop which uses a unique, non-messy air drying modelling clay loved by children, parents and grand-parents alike.

For ages 3+, this soft and pliable modelling clay is fun to play with and you get the chance to mould and make your own creation to take home. How cool is that?

29 Jun 2018

Carmel’s Fairy Houses to wow the Scarecrows!

Carmel Costello from Carmel’s Fairy Houses will be with us with in the Scarecrow Village during the week for three days from Wednesday 1st to Friday 3rd August with her amazing ceramic fairy houses and her inspiring range of holistic cream soaps.

Inspired by nature and the energy of Fairies, these ceramic houses have developed into something magical and she will have a wide range on view, both big and small. She will also have a range of her fine natural soaps, body butters and lip balms.

Check out Carmel’s Fairy Houses Facebook Page

13 Jun 2018

On The Bounce in the Scarecrow Village!

After being stuck in a field for days on end a scarecrow likes nothing better than to let their straw down and have fun jumping around in a bouncy castle, its true!, we see it all the time. They love it!

Affordable Castles from Kilkenny will be with us for the full nine days of the festival situated inside the Scarecrow Village with their bouncy castles and they will also be serving up ice-cream, popcorn, candy floss, slushies and minerals.

One part of the all-round entertainment and activities put on for everyone in the Scarecrow Village, so when you around call in and enjoy the fun!