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24 Mar 2022
Scarecrow with how to make a scarecrow wooden sign hanging from neck, set against an orange background

How To Make A Scarecrow

Making a scarecrow is easy once you know the basics and the very first thing to do is make a frame in the desired shape for your creation. One of the best materials for the construction of the frame is a length of timber 4×2 which is relatively inexpensive and widely available from hardwares, builders suppliers and timber yards. 
A cross shaped frame establishes the main support and shoulders, or arms if you require them straight across. If you need to have the arms in an alternative pose, this can easily be achieved by cutting and affixing the 4×2 to the desired dimensions. Likewise for the legs, the timber can be used again or simply stuff an old trousers with filling if your scarecrow is going to be in a straightforward standing pose.
The obvious choice for filling is of course straw, but this is not always available, but you can improvise with any number of materials to give your creation form. 
Afterwards if yo do acquire some straw you can embellish the scarecrow at the sleeve ends on arms, the neck area, waist area and at the ankles, which gives the appearance that the material has been used throughout. 

Below is a video which will give you lots of tips on how to get your project started. So have a look, then give it a go and who knows, you could crowned this year’s All-Ireland Scarecrow Champion in August!

All Ireland Scarecrow Championship

Entry Forms are now available for the All Ireland Scarecrow Championship 2022. Just click on the link below to get your entry booked in. We cannot wait to see all the amazing creations, as year after year we are simply bowled over by the cleverness, humour and artistry that is on display! Choosing a winner is never an easy task!

04 Aug 2019

Overall Winner 2019

Save Our Bees, Hug Our Trees, Clean Our Seas

It was tipped by many to come out on top, and when the drum roll subsided, and the 2019 Overall Winner was announced, it was Dove House’s wonderful creation, that had stole the hearts of the judges, as well as the public!

‘Save Our Bees, Hug Our Trees, Clean Our Seas’ is not just a wonderfully assembled installation, it also carries a potent message about our environment! We all know the importance of the great pollinators, that are bees, the need to protect our trees, and the plight faced by so many species, that live in our plastic polluted seas! This year’s winner cleverly combined, and highlighted all three issues, in such a unique, fun, and educational way!

We extend our congratulations to Dove House, for their wonderful creation, which has earned them the title of All Ireland Scarecrow Champions 2019, and also to all winners in this year’s hotly contested competition!
Our sincerest thanks to everyone who took part, and the entries never cease to amuse and amaze! They get better and better, year after year!

We will publish an entire list of all winners, very soon, but tonight belongs to Dove House and ‘Save Our Bees, Hug Our Trees, Clean Our Seas’!

Save Our Bees, Hug Our Trees, Clean Our Seas
Overall Prize
Category Sponsored by St. Canice’s Credit Union


06 Aug 2018

The 2018 All-Ireland Scarecrow Championship Awards at the Durrow Scarecrow Festival

The 2018 All-Ireland Scarecrow Championship Awards Ceremony took place in the Scarecrow Village on Sunday 5th August, kindly sponsored by St Canices Credit Union. For the first time ever we had Joint Overall Winners with the top prize shared between “Scarecrow Electric Picnic” by Durrow Men Most Actively Seeking Retirement and The Pope Mobile” by the Conahy Vintage Club.

Fantastic work from both groups indeed.

All the other results are as follow …


1st – “Daniel and the Den of Lions” by The Faith Mission Summer Camp
2nd – “Peter’s Borough in Durrow” by Dove House
3rd – “Spiderstraw” by Ellis Family

Most Humorous

1st – “The Old Scarecrow Who Lived in a Shoe” by Kathleen Drennan
2nd – “Seven Meno-pausal Dwarfs” by Ann Conroy
3rd – “Holy Cow” by Tom Dunne

Most Topical

1st – “Scary Art” by Marie Moylan
2nd – “The Handmaids Bale” by Ann Lanigan and Theresa Delaney
3rd – “I Really Don’t Care. Do You? by Declan and Stephanie Phelan


1st – “When I Grow Up” by Happy Days Creche
2nd – “Not Another Stampy!” by Padraic and Naoise Buckley
3rd – “Cat in a Straw Hat” by Siona Lalor

Youth Under 16

1st – “Ebony and Ivory” by Paige Boyhan
2nd – “Texaco” by Glen and Neil Stanley
3rd – “Disney’s ‘Moana’ How Far l’U Go” by Lucy and Anna Clooney

Youth Assisted

1st – “Peter Rabbit” by Caoimhe, Neasa O’Regan and Ellen Woods
2nd – “Maorina” by Aaron Jacob
3rd – “Room on the Broom” by Teresa Delaney

The Judges Choice
(in no particular order)

“Owl Be Out Kayaking” by Laois Kayak and Canoe Club
“Fake News” by Mattew and Gillian Bowe
“The Scarecrow’s Christmas” by Ballyragget Hall Wednesday Morning Group
“The Really Hae’s” by Sean Conroy

Large Hay Bale Competition 2018

1st – Porcupine “Looking Sharp” by Emily and Millie
2nd – Dartboard by Ela Jago
3rd – The “Hay I” Man by the Conroy Crew

16 Jul 2018

The 2018 All-Ireland Scarecrow Championship Awards Ceremony

The 2018 All-Ireland Scarecrow Championship Awards Ceremony The All-Ireland Scarecrow Championship Awards Ceremony will take place in the Scarecrow Village from 4.30-5pm on Sunday 5th August. This is the culmination of the festival and marks the unveiling of this year’s overall winner and the winners of the various other categories. The first prize is sponsored by St Canices Credit Union in Durrow – a big thank you to them, it really helps and is greatly appreciated.

We cant wait to see who wins the various categories and who the overall winner will be – this is a great reward for all the hard work, creativity and effort that goes into each and every one of the entries. We know what you do, and you do it so well, Well done to all!

The Overall Winner in 2017 was “The Greatest Show on Earth” produced by Conahy Vintage Group. A fantastic piece of work, can anyone topple them to take their place on the Roll of Honour?

The various categories include;

Most Topical
Most Humorous
Youth with Adult Assistance
Youth (Under16)

The Round Hay Bale Competition winners are also announced here, so if you entered that one, keep a close watch here as well.

So if you are in the Scarecrow Village when the music stops on Sunday 5th August from 4.30-5pm check it out and give the winners a big cheer!

21 Jun 2018

Durrow Scarecrow Festival Programme 2018

The Durrow Scarecrow Festival Programme for 2018 is now available to download and browse on the website.

Full of news, an event listing and a map for all you scarecrows who will be wandering around Durrow, check it out now here

24 May 2018

King Kong Smashes the Competition!

Congratulations to Conahy Vintage Club, who have won this year’s All-Ireland Scarecrow Championship, with their stunning creation “King Kong”.

The monstrous installation has wowed the crowds at Durrow Scarecrow Festival 2017, and has ensured that for the 3rd year in succession, Conahy Vintage Club, claim the prestigious All-Ireland title. The results were announced shortly after 4pm today, and though nothing is ever a given when the judges come to deliberate, there was little surprise, and much joy when King Kong emerged as the overall winner!

From all at Durrow Scarecrow Festival, we extend to Conahy Vintage Club, both our gratitude for such an amazing entry, and of course our utmost congratulations for your well deserved success! King Kong has thrilled and fascinated both young and old, during the festival, and was always the crowd favourite and a very worthy winner!

Let the celebrations begin!

We will list all winners from all categories as soon as possible, but for now, one more time – Congratulations to Conahy Vintage Club, and the amazing King Kong!

24 May 2018

Winners Alright!

Below is a full list of all categories and winners from this year’s Durrow Scarecrow Festival. We will try to bring you a full list with photographs as soon as we possibly can.

Meanwhile our thanks to all entrants this year – your creativity never ceases to amaze us, and our heartiest congratulations to all of this year’s winners!

Overall Winner

The Greatest Show on Earth Conahy Vintage Group


1. Despicable Me 1, 2 & 3 Marlena & Sophie Tobin
2. Strawerina Ballerina Ellis Family
3. Cliodhna Queen of the Banshees Yarn Bombing Mountmellick


1. Scarecrow Sleeping Beauty Marie Moylan
2. Waiting since Christmas for the Scarecrow Festival Laois Kayak & Canoe Club

3. Reeling in the EARS Irene Phelan

1st Topical

1. Bee Keeping Rose Woods & Kathleen Flynn
2. Blaze Durrow Fire & Rescue
3. Donald Trump Noah & Brenda Murphy


1. Beautiful Mini Beasts St. Laserians School, Carlow
2. An Enchanted School Scoil Tighearnach Naofia, Cullohill, Co Laois
3. Hansel & Gretel Happy Days Creche


1. Pirates of the Caribbean 3rd Laois Durrow Scouts
2. Ms Bandy Legs Margaret Doyle
3. Drink it in Maaaaan! says Buff Roisin Phelan
Joint 4th. Trumps Bad Hay Day John Paul Murphy
Joint 4th. Buddy Bench Ciaran & Cormac Flynn

Youth Assisted

1. I’m Worn Out Glen Stanley
2. What a Catch Ballyragget Scouts
3. Bertie Bassett Conor Moore

Judges Choice

1. Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory Val Delahunty and Martina Cooney
2. Renewal Tree Huggers Rose Woods
3. The Great Escape Midlands Prison
4. The Corpse Bride Niamh, Hannah & Eabha Woods
5. Durrow Scarecrow Fairy Village Enda & Frankie Carroll
6. Harry Potter Margaret Conroy

24 May 2018

The Making of King Kong by Conahy Vintage Club

Well, there was no surprise, and indeed no argument when Conahy Vintage Club and their amazing creation “King Kong” won this year’s All-Ireland Scarecrow Championship, for the third year in succession.

In 2016 they won with Noah’s Ark and 2015 saw their amazing Dinosaur creation take the prize! The big question is – can anyone rise to the feat of challenging Conahy Vintage Club for the title next year?

A giant section of King Kong being prepared for transportation.

I spoke with club member Michael Bergin, on the night their victory was announced, and he admitted that the Conahy team would relish the prospect! He told me how just a few weeks before the festival, a rumour had reached them, that they had a serious contender to deal with, as a rival group were working on another massive installation. It never actually transpired, but he said the prospect that it might have, spurred them on, to ensure that King Kong, would be as ‘good as it could be’.

That same section being prepared for transportation.

That is not to say that they did not feel threatened by some of this year’s other entries, as he admitted the level of creativeness just gets better year by year.

The frame for King Kong’s head, which was made by Shem Kavanagh.

And speaking of creativeness, King Kong was simply stunning. The monster itself was constructed at a ‘secret location’ by the group who possess and combine a wide range of talents, which culminate in their wonderful installations. I was told that the biggest problem the team faced was not during the making of Kong, but in moving him by road, from their base to the festival site in Durrow. In the end it took a Garda escort to safely shepherd the convoy of gorilla sections into town, and for nine days King Kong graced Durrow Scarecrow Festival 2017, and wowed the huge crowds that attended.

King Kong’s head which was made by Shem Kavanagh, now has it’s teeth added, and is ready for transportation to Durrow. Kong was to suffer a dental accident at this point, but the broken tooth was quickly repaired.


The Conahy Vintage Club convoy awaiting their Garda escort to the 2017 Durrow Scarecrow Festival.

THE DURROW SCARECROW festival finished up yesterday. For one week only, the village in Laois was covered with various scarecrow creations from people all over the country and it looked like serious craic. They were all absolutely brilliant. This massive King Kong by Conahy Vintage Club took the main prize, and it’s pretty impressive!

Erecting the huge installation in Durrow.
JOB DONE! Members of Conahy Vintage Club proudly stand in the shadow of their creation King Kong.
Members of Conahy Vintage Club visit Durrow Scarecrow Festival 2017.
Conahy Vintage Club with the All-Ireland Scarecrow Championship Winner’s Trophy
King Kong in situ.
Celebrations ensued at Bob’s Bar Durrow, and why not?

So once again well done to all at Conahy Vintage Club, and we really cannot wait to see what next year brings!!!!!

Roll on Durrow Scarecrow Festival 2018!