The festival that’s outstanding in its field …

Durrow Scarecrow Festival 2024.

The Winners Announced!

The All-Ireland Scarecrow Championship Awards Ceremony will take place in the Scarecrow Village from 4.15pm on Sunday 4th August. This is the culmination of the festival and marks the unveiling of this year’s overall winner and the winners of each individual category. 

The various categories include;

  1. Most Topical
  2. Most Humorous
  3. Open/General
  4. Sustainability / Waste Reduction / Climate Action
  5. Preschool/School entries
  6. Youth with Adult Assistance
  7. Youth (Under16)

So if you are in the Scarecrow Village when the music stops on Sunday 4th August from 4.15pm, check out the Awards Ceremony, and give the winners a big cheer!