Helping Your Child Communicate: Free Speech and Language Workshops

Are you worried about your child’s talking or communication skills? The Durrow Scarecrow Festival is offering two special workshops to support parents and young children, hosted by Laura Lalor, Senior Speech and Language Therapist. These workshops are designed to provide valuable advice, support, and fun activities for your little ones.

Information Day

  • 📅 Date: Wednesday, 31st July
  • Time: 2PM – 4PM
  • 📍 Location: Scarecrow Village

What to Expect:

  • 15-Minute Chat: Speak one-on-one with Laura Lalor while your child plays.
  • Professional Advice: Determine if your child requires a referral to speech and language therapy.
  • Support and Tips: Learn strategies to build your child’s language and communication skills at home.
  • Booking: Just drop in and book your timeslot on the sign-in sheet.

Singing & Nursery Rhymes for Under 5s

  • 📅 Date: Thursday, 1st August
  • Time: 2PM
  • 📍 Location: Scarecrow Village
  • Duration: Please allow 45 minutes for this workshop.

What to Expect:

  • Interactive Fun: Engage your child with singing and nursery rhymes, a fantastic way to boost language development.
  • Expert Guidance: Laura Lalor will lead the session, ensuring a supportive and enjoyable experience for both parents and children.

Both workshops are free and open to the public!