Well, there was no surprise, and indeed no argument when Conahy Vintage Club and their amazing creation “King Kong” won this year’s All-Ireland Scarecrow Championship, for the third year in succession.

In 2016 they won with Noah’s Ark and 2015 saw their amazing Dinosaur creation take the prize! The big question is – can anyone rise to the feat of challenging Conahy Vintage Club for the title next year?

A giant section of King Kong being prepared for transportation.

I spoke with club member Michael Bergin, on the night their victory was announced, and he admitted that the Conahy team would relish the prospect! He told me how just a few weeks before the festival, a rumour had reached them, that they had a serious contender to deal with, as a rival group were working on another massive installation. It never actually transpired, but he said the prospect that it might have, spurred them on, to ensure that King Kong, would be as ‘good as it could be’.

That same section being prepared for transportation.

That is not to say that they did not feel threatened by some of this year’s other entries, as he admitted the level of creativeness just gets better year by year.

The frame for King Kong’s head, which was made by Shem Kavanagh.

And speaking of creativeness, King Kong was simply stunning. The monster itself was constructed at a ‘secret location’ by the group who possess and combine a wide range of talents, which culminate in their wonderful installations. I was told that the biggest problem the team faced was not during the making of Kong, but in moving him by road, from their base to the festival site in Durrow. In the end it took a Garda escort to safely shepherd the convoy of gorilla sections into town, and for nine days King Kong graced Durrow Scarecrow Festival 2017, and wowed the huge crowds that attended.

King Kong’s head which was made by Shem Kavanagh, now has it’s teeth added, and is ready for transportation to Durrow. Kong was to suffer a dental accident at this point, but the broken tooth was quickly repaired.


The Conahy Vintage Club convoy awaiting their Garda escort to the 2017 Durrow Scarecrow Festival.

THE DURROW SCARECROW festival finished up yesterday. For one week only, the village in Laois was covered with various scarecrow creations from people all over the country and it looked like serious craic. They were all absolutely brilliant. This massive King Kong by Conahy Vintage Club took the main prize, and it’s pretty impressive! DailyEdge.ie

Erecting the huge installation in Durrow.
JOB DONE! Members of Conahy Vintage Club proudly stand in the shadow of their creation King Kong.
Members of Conahy Vintage Club visit Durrow Scarecrow Festival 2017.
Conahy Vintage Club with the All-Ireland Scarecrow Championship Winner’s Trophy
King Kong in situ.
Celebrations ensued at Bob’s Bar Durrow, and why not?

So once again well done to all at Conahy Vintage Club, and we really cannot wait to see what next year brings!!!!!

Roll on Durrow Scarecrow Festival 2018!