Meet Lulu, a street artist that can’t be contained in any gallery. Enter her crazy world of make believe, where magic happens right in front of you, with the use of a magic marker! This lady will sweep you off your feet and drag you into her imagination. Who needs words when you’ve got a blank canvas and a marker to fill it.

Outside the Box will be preforming “Lulu’s World” not once for us but two times on Sunday 29th July, the first Sunday of the festival at 12.15-1pm and 3-3.45pm.

Francesca Castellano has been performing in Street Shows since 2003 and she has been working as a clown, aerialist, stilt-walker and fire artist with Cork Circus and Sorcaluba. A solo production, the show involves the use of paper, cardboard boxes, a personal assistant when needed and a case with art material safely kept inside. Suitable for all audiences.

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